Current Project : Building a Seven String Fanned Fretted Electric Guitar

About two months ago i completed building a Seven String Electric guitar. I immediately fell in love with it and decided to build another, only this time building with a little more experience. I decided to address the small problems i found while playing with the first seven string. The main problem being that as you tuned lower you would have to significantly bump up the string gauge to compensate for the slack and for the reduction in volume as well as tuning stability.

These problems brought me to the theory of fanned fretted instruments. These are by no means a new innovation and as i understand, have been employed for quite some time (See : Orpharion). By using a Fanned system, one can keep the treble strings short and the bass strings long. This preserves the treble strings sweet sound on the short scale, and increases definition and clarity of the lower strings because of its longer scale.

I will be working with very basic tools as I am in India for Med School and don’t have access to a Home Depot or Lowes. But thankfully due to some kind auto drivers and some friends from home (Thanks Apta E & Divya R). I was able to procure most of the necessary tools for this project. Now that the introduction is complete, its time for some pictures.

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