Moving along…

So I scrapped the old design and went in favor of the one I’ve been working with. This time I think I’ve got it just right. I’ve started collecting parts also. I had a nice wild olive neck blank which I intended on using but was shocked to see the damn thing had warped when I’d gotten back from india…. So I ordered a sapele mahogany blank from lmii and it should be here this coming week. Thing is I really can’t start building this thing just yet. It kills me. But I do find some joy in the fact that while I cannot start the serious building just yet, I can do all the little things leading up to that…how hard can it really be after all.

Wish me luck for the US medical licensing exam; the studying for which is taking up 10+ hrs of my day.

Argh… Anyhow…

Spec’s of the new model:

7 string
27.5 in scale length (baritone)
Macassar Ebony 20in radius
Neck: Sapele Mahogany (bolt on)
Body: Sapele Mahogany
Top: Myrtlewood
Pickups: BKP Camo covered
Bareknuckle Aftermath bridge
Bareknuckle Warpig Neck
Hipshot 7 bridge (from Keith Merrow \m/)
Earvana Compensated 7 string nut
6100 dunlop fretwire

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