T-Nuts & Bolts

The batch of T nuts and bolts came in along with my Forster bits and Forster bit depth stop thingy. Now i just need a couple microplane rasps.

Watch the Figure POP!

I started a build thread over at sevenstring.org here’s the link. Baritone build story And heres some eye candy.

Body & Neck Cutout

The neck and body are now ready for carving! The neck will be fitted with T Nuts prior to having the fretboard glued. Then once glued the whole neck will be trued up on a belt sander then fretted. The neck pocket will be routed to depth and fitted with the neck before gluing the…

Final Headstock Shape

Ears are sturdy enough for me to remove the clamps. I can’t stress these joints for another 24 hrs. No problem. I’ll just draw the headstock shape in and see how everything looks.

Neck Shape / Gluing Ears

Neck surface sanded level and the centerline drawn in again. I settled on a reverse headstock design which is slightly reminiscent of ONI guitars designs. The tuner configuration has worked out to three left an four right as discussed before. I contacted sperzel directly and they are making me a custom matte/satin black and gold…

Scarf Joint was Yes!

Yup. Scarf joint was a success. There was an ample amount of glue squeeze out from each area, and with 600lbs of pressure for over 24 hrs should have left the joint stronger than the wood itself! Now time to glue the ears on the headstock and take it to JD Cabinets for some jointing…

Tuning Machines Layout

While the glue dries I figure I’d layout the tuning machines. These things add up. I’m gonna have to find a way to get a custom 3 left 4 right configuration.

Gluing the scarf!

This was terrifying. I just looked at both pieces and said to myself… What if I screw up… Then I said who cares, it’s just wood. I scratched up the mating surfaces just to give the glue more to work with. I jut assumed that if the joining area is too smooth, it won’t stick…