Gluing the scarf!

This was terrifying. I just looked at both pieces and said to myself… What if I screw up… Then I said who cares, it’s just wood. I scratched up the mating surfaces just to give the glue more to work with. I jut assumed that if the joining area is too smooth, it won’t stick as well. This way the glue should seep into the cracks and grooves. I used titebond 3 after reading a number of reviews. I liberally applied glue to the neck portion and spread it with a card. Then a smaller amount on the headstock piece. I didn’t have wax paper so I used cupcake wrappers to protect the clamps from getting glued.

After this is all done ill take it and have the flat sides jointed just to be extra sure that it’s flat as a board. The joint itself has about four clamps on it; one large Irwin quik clamp which exerts about 300 lbs of pressure and three smaller clamps each exerting about 100 lbs each. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll take the clamps off an we’ll see how my first scarf turns out.





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