Myrtlewood Burl Picks

Got bored and made these. They look pretty sweet and am considering doing this for my truss rod cover.

Headstock Pt. 1

Vik guitars inspires me. I’ve studied that guys build threads and decided I try out the sandwich veneer thing he does on his head stocks. It’s classy and adds a nice accent. It’s easy to apply but hard to manage the amount of glue. Titebond 3 is very low in viscosity and the wood itself…

Nut Shelf & Neck Headstock Shape

The dremel trio couldn’t hack it. So I brought out the chisels and carefully removed layers of the Macassar ebony. Now the earvana nut will sit well on the fretboard. Also using the tiny sanding drum on the dremel trio, I shaped the headstock to its roughly final dimensions. Hopefully tonight before i fall asleep,…

Neck T-Nuts Installed

Counter sink using 3/4 in forstner bit. Main hole is 5/16 in. T nuts tapped (hammered) in with a little epoxy for added security. I used the wood river forstner depth stop guide which worked beautifully.

Control Panel

Gonna use some left over wood for the control panel