Bahamut’s Head Scarf Glued

I love it when I can end the night with something glued and clamped! Tomorrow is truss rod routing time! And if I’m lucky ill be installing the T-nut bolt system like on my last build.

Bahamut’s Headstock pt. 2

This looks sharp now that’s its cleaned up. Now to cut the scarf and glue it up tonight!!! Then it’s time to route the truss rod channels for all of these as well as mount the T nuts.

Bahamut’s Headstock

I’ve been neglecting this one. So I made quick work of the veneer and Myrtlewood headplate. I’m so happy I can use all this figured wood tops I’ve been hoarding. I was running out of places to store them.


So I was working on Ifrit’s headstock. Ya know just smoothing it out when a small chunk got pulled out from some of the twisty grain…. Fack. So I take my sanding sponge out and start sanding, everything’s looking alright then I realize one side is smaller than the other…fuck. So I get my plane…

Jormugandr’s Head Glued

I’m on a roll! This scarf was cut and planed AND glued! I love it when I can end the day with something glued in clamps!

Gluing Ifrit’s Headstock

This was a bit tricky, but I used some really strong brown binding tape on the bottom so it won’t slip while clamping and made some lines from he headstock to the neck for alignment. Originally I thought I’d just use one large quick clamp which would exert about 300 lbs of pressure, then I…

Body Blanks

Man when I glued these up I thought I messed up. I saw a giant glue line and thought that I’d have to dismantle everything. I took it to JD Cabinets in Fountain Valley on a trip to PetSmart and had them plane and sand these down using their giant drum sander. Man these look…

Ifrit’s Headstock pt. 3

This baby’s ready to glue. Excuse the burn marks. The dremel sander was on a very fast setting.