Bahamut’s Headstock Pt. 2

Lots of progress today. Cut Bahamut’s headstock and laminate plate. Glued Ifrit’s laminate plate to the base of the headstock and used a hand belt sander to shave off a few mm from the top. Jormugandr’s neck scarf joint is smoothed. Found some bubinga for a headstock since the smaller scarf piece is just too jagged to used. This will actually be much prettier. Also I did a dry run of one body glue up. Now it’s in clamps for 24 hrs.












2 Comments Add yours

  1. Leo says:

    With me the Scarf is the hardest. I just keep screwing it up and my bandsaw just won’t cut a good joint. I’ll try and use a japanese saw next time like you did. Althought my attempts weren’t as successful. I’ll keep giving it my best shot. I’ll keep your,”it’s just wood,” phrase in mind. Thanks for the great blog – even for an intermediate builder heading into the Electric realm, Leo

    1. purelojik says:

      thanks for the kind words leo!

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