Necks, Bodies, Truss Rods & Moar

So here’s the plan.
I received my ultralight swamp ash body blank for my personal 6 string semi hollow build. I realized all my guitars are mahogany and decided to make a switch; the added bonus is the nice grain and color contrast. I ordered from and have done business with them before. They have some of the best prices and do excellent glue ups. You’d never know this body blank was comprised of three separate pieces. The prices are pretty amazing as well.

The necks are all prepped and level. I seem to always run into trouble with my personal builds. This time things looks better. I was thinking of what to use to level the nut area of the redwood (Ifrit) build. First I tried a dremel sander, which took too long, then a hand plane and tore out a small chunk of redwood again but it wasn’t a big deal. Then I remembered that I had these awesome rasps by microplane. They are literally small planes of super sharp steel. It was a matter of seconds and the whole thing was level.

Then a few scrapes with my plane blade and everything was ready. I took out the Stew Mac hot rod truss rods and marked their positions on the neck blanks. All there is to do now is to trim the fretboards and install the T- Nuts– which are currently on order from Rockler. In the meantime ill have to route the truss rod grooves for each of the neck blanks.










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