Ifrit’s Chamber Layout

This is going to be an exciting build. I feel a lot more confident using my little router too. So I cleaned up the sides and rounded the bottom. There are still some rough areas but they’ll get worked out later.

The pickups I’ve chosen to work with this semi hollow body are the Supermassive bridge and Nantucket neck P-90 set from Bareknuckle Pickups in the UK. I’m super excited to hear this in action as it’ll be the first one I’ve ever owned that has p90’s in it.

I’ve mapped out roughly where the chambers should be. The little piece between the sound holes will be reinforced by leaving a small ash bridge there while hollowing everything else around it . Ill hog out wood with a forstner bit then clean it up with my dremel, then ill used my small 1/2 inch stew Mac routing bits to clean up whatever’s left.

Ill need to joint the top and sand the sides clean before I glue the body on.

In these pics the body’s back is sanded to 220. And as the picture suggests, ill be pore filling with Z-Poxy, leaving a very thin coat on top. This will harden the soft redwood and fill the pores of the swamp ash. Ill most likely put a wash coat of spray shellac on afterwards, then use some wipe on poly or spray poly to finish this instrument.








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