Poly Test complete + Heel Carve + Bridge Mounted

Lots of stuff done. Figured out I could use my dremel plunge router as a makeshift drill press. Ain’t perfect but damn near.

The poly finish test turned out very well. And after only about 4 days of cure time. The actual guitar will get a full week o cure time after a number of thin coats. It looks thick but man it’s thin, sand throughs are so easy. If they happen- which they did- you’d need to block sand down with 220 everything and basically start the process over from the first coat. Not too bad just annoying.

For those of you wanting to polish it out. You’ll need the gloss formula of wipe on poly, the others like satin and semi gloss have flattened which can’t be buffed out. Make sure a minimum of 4 days pass after the final coat. Then sand with 600. I didn’t use a block just let the sandpaper kiss the surface in circles. The powder should be bright white and show be dusty. If it sticks and corns up the paper too soon then you’ll know it’s not ready. Basically a small 3inx3in square should sand about Half of the test piece I have.

Once it’s good and dull then wait another day then do the same with 1000 grit then 2000 grit. If you have micro mesh keep goin from 3200 to 12000. I’m lazy so I just use finesse it II by 3m and then the hand glaze. I tend to stay away from meguires stuff because they are kinda sketchy about which product contains silicone oil. Basically it’s shit that will prevent any finish from sticking. It’s a contaminant that can make your life miserable . Some of their products don’t have it but why take the chance?













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  1. sprocket says:

    Was that Tru-Oil that was used in there !

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