Tuning Machines + First String Up + Moar Sound Holes

If there is any part about this whole process that I hate more than making a neck pocket, it’s drilling tuning machine holes. So far I just wing it, not the best strategy but its gotten me pretty damn good results. I think it’s one to make proper templates for everything.

I strung her up and realize the 5th tuner is a little too far to the right. Ill have to remove some wood and plug the sides to cover the eventual gap. It was an interesting experience playing it unfretted. I don’t think I like it very much. Anyhow the resonance and vibrations can be felt and heard throughout the body and neck. It felt massive for being so light.

I put my ear to the body and felt a booming resonance over the right side of the body. After some deliberation I felt it would be best to add two small sound holes along the aesthetic of the bigger main ones. Just below then will be a circular countersink area for the volume knob.

All that’s left now is to route the pup cavities and control cavities. Fret the neck and carve it out. Then final sanding on everything and then start the finishing process.

All in all it looks like its shaping up pretty well for my first semi hollow/ hollow body prototype.




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