Pickup Routes + Additional Sound Holes + Recessed Volume Knob

I’m really liking how this is all coming together. The tuner repair worked like a charm. The makeshift template I made with some pine sticks worked flawlesslyfor the routing of the pickups. The stew mac routing bit (the larger one) was perfect for the rounded corners. I like the way the additional sound holes look. As I suspected the tap tone and resonance are now equal for both sides. I’m really eager to hear this all strung up.

The knobs that I got from Archipelago Glass’s store on etsy are just awesome. I decided since the top was thick, to recess the knob about 1/8 inch give or take. It looks nice to me.

Tonight ill cut the fretwire and hopefully if I have time ill get to press them in at Joel Grant’s shop in fountain valley. Since its gonna go to him for fretwork anyways he’s lettin me do it at his place. This will save him time and labor as opposed to when I’d hammer in the frets instead.












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