Cavities Routed & Electro socket Jack Installed

The bodywork is done. All that’s left for the body is just sanding through the grits. The electrosocket I bought because it looked cool. Didn’t realize it required a flat surface to mount so I decided to improvise. I used a one inch forstner bit to lightly create a lip for the flange to rest…

Truss Rod Cover

So I was kinda pissed off that the redwood burl cavity cover warped. I really should have made it thicker so instead I made a truss rod cover from the not so warped portion and it turned out great with another coat of tru oil.

Cavity Cover

So the piece I was working with warped. Then I remembered that test piece I did from an offcut of the maple top and decided to put it to some use.

Bridge Mounting & Custom Wood Knobs

So these knobs are from a little etsy store and are custom made. The place is called archipelago glass. They are made from cocobolo and have a pewter trim. I mounted the bridge first with the stew Mac double sides tape. This tape once held with clamps for a while, takes an ENORMOUS amount of…

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Yes, the title is correct! This is about using egg whites as a grain filler. Grain filling is often a long, painful, laborious process…but egg whites make things quite a bit easier in my opinion. This is a very old method of grain filling, and likely was used in…