First Full String Up

Now comes the time where I string it up and hear it acoustically first. I slapped on a set of strings which is 10-49. This set is also nicely balanced so from here I can tell whether or not to bump up the gauge. The nice thing is that at 26 in scale length, you have some extra tension. This will allow me to achieve pseudo-baritone range without having to use piano wire as strings.

I think the tuning ill use is C# Standard and will probably drop the lowest string. This will allow me to maintain just enough tension to let the strings stay taught while keeping the string gauge reasonable. Since I’ve been trying to stay within a set of string one can buy anywhere ill probably go for a set with a 52 as the lowest string. Once this guitar is ready to go to Joel for setup and fretwork, ill have him slap on a set of Cobalt string from Ernie ball. I’ve grown to love those strings, especially their texture, sound and lifespan.





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