New Problems & Lessons Learned


So this build is really testing my patience. It isn’t going nearly as smoothly as I’d hoped it would’ve by now. Good news is the finish is finally free of hazy spots; and with some 8000-12000 micro-mesh (I was playing it very very safe), I can see the polish starting to take. Now to let it cure for a few more days.

The bad news is that the right side of the neck pocket cracked. It must have been due to the layers of poly that crept its way into the inside of the pocket on that side. When I check the neck fit it must have pressed upon that and bam! Cracked the side. So now I carefully have to take my chisel and peel away and carve a decent shape. I’m not going to waste the time to blend it into the horn carve because that would be a nightmare. Ill just build up the layers of poly on that piece until the color matches. So so frustrating.

On the flip side I think I’ve learned why these things happened and how thy can be avoided on the next build. Glad I made my mistakes on my own builds rather than a customer’s.








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