Mag Swapping in Seymour Duncan’s Custom Shop Pickups

Mag Swapping in Seymour Duncan’s Custom Shop Pickups Here’s a Blog post from Seymour Duncan featuring my clips using the custom set of pickups MJ wound for me. They are a set of Zebra Pearly Gates/ Custom Hybrids. I had them send a few different kinds of pickups for me to tryout. I found the…

Tiamat’s Sides Trued

Not as clean as I’d hoped but its mainly due to user error. Hopefully I can pickup a spindle sander this weekend and work shall be cake.

Ifrit Lives!!!

              Specs:   Curly Redwood Top from Oregon Wild Woods Swamp Ash bottom from Ebony Fretboard and Maple neck with Bocote stripe Tru oil neck finish 26 inc scale length   BKP Nantucket Neck and Supermassive P-90’s Hipshot Hardware Grover locking Straps Body Finished with Wipe on Poly,…

Top Glued

Lookin good. Wormholes voids and all. I am gonna leave this as natual as possible. Hopefully it’ll turn out alright.

Another Test Idea

So I had an idea. I wanted to see what would happen if I dyed the top using fingerboard dye. So I cut an offcut and dyed it. Then sanded it back a bit and oiled it with teak oil. After it dries I’m gonna try a few coats of master oil. Lets see.

Bahamut’s Body and Burl’s Body Cut

Sapele is a joy to work with. Regular mahogany takes a bit longer. So I jointed the top of the myrtle wood and cut the bodies for Bahamut and the burl guitar which I’ll name Tiamat. Tiamat was a colorful dragon so this works well. Next step is gluing the tops!

Pau Ferro Fingerboards

These are for the burl and walnut 6 string guitars. Both 26 scale radiused to 20in . I had the salesperson at LMII pick out a very dark board for the burl top and had them draw the entire centerline which will make my life easier. I printed out the fretboard design from fretfind2d and…

Fifth Coats

Think I’m about done. The master gel is filling the pores o the sapele. I kinda like the sheen the teak oil gives the wood. I think what I might do is use the teak oil for most of the body back and perhaps a thin layer of master gel for added protection. The top…