Second Coats on Test Pieces

The master gel is quite impressive. Good consistency, easy work time before it gets tacky, great self leveling, and decent drying time. I went with 600 paper and scuff sanded both pieces and this is how it looks…

The master gel sands just like I expected; like urethane finishes. The difference is that it’s very even without a ton of work like wipe on poly. I don’t know if Ivan achieve that level of gloss but I don’t think I even want that. It gives me the great warmth of oil with the added protection.

Second pic is after second coats have dried. You can see the shine from the master gel. It’s slowly building on the surface. Really diggin it so far. I’m gonna have to stock up now on this stuff before California makes it impossible to get it. I already can’t buy it online to have it shipped to me.




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