Anthony Murkar’s Handmade Hand Plane

I really don’t want technology to replace the hand plane. Nothing feels better than a fine tuned, razor sharp hand plane. This one in particular is a custom handmade creation by Mr. Anthony Murkar. He is a wonderful person and a very talented woodworker.

This hand plane fits in the palm of my hand. It’s made from ebony I think the Macassar variety. Anthony has detailed instructions on how to make this kind of plane- the high angle smoother. It’s construction is very solid and sturdy and is polished to a high sheen. The twist capstone keeps the custom Hock Iron in place. The iron is of outstanding quality and is quite thick itself. The craftsmanship makes this a tough piece to use. I just want to look at it like a piece of art.

I received this handplane a few months ago and haven’t been able to put it through its paces until now. I have an offcut of some figured walnut that’s about to undergo some finish tests. Instead of starting out with low grits of sandpaper I pulled out this little plane and gave it a shot. The initial picture is just the adjustments. It takes me a little while to find the right amount of blade to expose. Once I found the sweet spot I dragged it across the walnut and it made wafer thin shavings very easily. These pictures will speak for themselves.

I highly recommend this plane and I do believe that I’ll try to have him make another for me in the future. I imagine if love to have one with a longer front and back for my big hands. It’s a joy to use and if you’re like me, a good tool is probably your best friend when making a guitar.

Anthony has his own blog filled with great tips tricks and tutorials. It’s called Home Grown Lutherie.











6 Comments Add yours

  1. sprocket says:

    Nice plane in there Purelogic !

    Thanx for the link for it also !

    1. purelojik says:

      thanks man. check out the link to anthony’s blog. hes really skilled. more than me for sure. he also makes these planes for pretty cheap given the quality.

  2. sprocket says:

    No problem mate , you ll get there sooner than you think ! Lots of talent in there fella .

    1. purelojik says:

      thanks for the kind words sprocket!

  3. aurumeve says:

    Wow! Very talented craftsman! 🙂 ~ Global Jewelry

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