Sides Sanded and Rounded

I really should use my black and decker mouse sander more. It’s fantastic for smoothing irregularities on the sides when you don’t have an oscillating spindle.

So I sanded the sides so I can pass the round over bit on the remaining edges of the back. The heel area itself will be carved to make a nice heel joint. I rounded that part as well just to remove some stock.

I’m trying to work cleaner as I go; this will reduce the amount of finish sanding in the end (because 90% of guitar building is sanding). So I won’t get to work on this for a little while but hopefully I can sneak in some progress here and there. I need to find someone with a drill press to drill the holes for the threaded inserts. Then I need to finish that neck and test fit it with the hardware and do a quick string up if possible to check alignment.

Other than that I added another coat if oil after scrubbing with a white scotch brite pad (equivalent of #0000). It’s looking really good.












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  1. sprocket says:

    Nice clean job .

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