Wax on Wax Off

Originally I wanted to use Briwax but all I had was Trewax. It’s a hard paste wax which imparts a high sheen to the surface of the oiled wood. Prior to wax application I rubbed the surface with the grey #000 scotch brite then with the white #0000 scotch brite. The grey pad should leave the surface uniformly dull. Then it’ll shine up with the white pad. I always seem to have a problem with the edges, so make sure you use a rubber pad with the synthetic steel wool pads.

I swirled the yellow pad over the block of wax and wiped it into the surface of the wood like Mr. Miyagi. I then let it sit for a while then buffed it using some elbow grease. This is what the finished surface looks like. I really really like this look. It feels very smooth but still feels like wood; not like a plastic poly finish. It doesn’t have a reflective gloss, but that’s not what I’m looking for. We’re going for depth and chatoyance here. Basically enhancing the natural beauty of figured walnut.

I made sure to take pictures showing the shine and figure. The pores are still open and I dig it. This will be a great finish for the guitar. I don’t think I’m gonna bother with gloss.









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  1. sprocket says:

    Nice results on that wax mate . Nice to see that you re back on some luthery stuff . You must be off from uni for the Holidays or something .

    Need some Beeswax now .

    Thanx for sharing .

  2. sprocket says:

    Is TriWax s Carnauba or A Beeswax !

    1. purelojik says:

      i actually dont know. maybe try checking online. next time im back at the parents house i’ll check

      1. sprocket says:

        Cool , I ll check on my side also .

  3. sprocket says:

    Just got it : http://trewax.beaumontproducts.com/floor-care/trewax-paste-wax

    It contains Cranauba , tought we needed Beeswax on woods , false thinking I guess . Or they can be both used .

    1. purelojik says:

      thats good to know. i should look up the difference. I usually put some of Howards Feed N Wax on top and mix it all. ITs carnuba and beeswax with orange oil. Its more liquid/semi solid and its wonderful product. check it out dude.

  4. sprocket says:

    Thanx to you ! Will have a look , Sorry about the late answer mate .

  5. sprocket says:

    Hey just got one of these wax , will give it a try shortly .

    1. sprocket says:

      Got the TreWax .Which I got locally to my surprise .

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