Odds & Ends

Had to square off the heel end of the neck. I used my Japanese Ryoba with the cross cut side against a flat block of wood as a miter. Check out that clean cut. You’ll never get that kinda smooth finish cut with an American saw.

Next I’m planning on trimming a chunk off the mitre block to use as the missing ear for the headstock. I’ll then glue and plane the entire headstock down (2mm) until I have enough room to accommodate the decorative veneers I usually incorporate.

I also need a gauge that’ll tell me when to stop carving around the body so I pencilled that in as well as the volume knob recess. I also marked the input jack area but I don’t think I had a picture.










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  1. sprocket says:

    Thanx for sharing !

    Got lots of job done lately luthery wise

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