Snafu and New Solutions

So I hit a snag. The first picture shows one side of the fretboard improperly glued. This needs fixing. I think the problem was the beam I used on top to evenly apply pressure only did so in a small area across the board. The side beams weren’t helping that situation either. Well I learned the hard way; So I delaminates the entire fretboard with an iron. I was worried because I was using titebond 3 and it’s super strong. Anyways after heating the fretboard through foil it really was quite easy. I made sure not to bend the board back too much and just shimmied the knife along the edge.

I then sanded and removed the obstructing glue and did a dry run using all my clamps. The heat had made the fretboard cup a bit so I had to receive the tension by routing a shallow channel on the underside of the fretboard. In theory this will allow me to clamp with clamps on both sides and should remedy the problem. I’m grateful that the neck wood is super flat and hasn’t moved at all.

So I clamped the shit outta it again and used all my clamps that would fit. I inspected the board and there’s a nice even squeeze out all around. I am happy for now but we’ll see in about 10 hours.













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