Almost There

I really need a better way to route pickups. It just takes me forever for some reason.

Bridge drilled and mounted and the string pull is good. Ferrules drilled as well. I managed to get one pickup routed. All that’s left is the other pup route, control cavity and output jack














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  1. Jeff Branch says:

    Really cool. What kind of camera do you use. Great pics.

    1. purelojik says:

      haha i use my iphone5s with the Camera+ app. its got a wonderful assortment of editing capabilities.

      i have a nice camera the Sony RX100 but im too lazy to bring it everywhere.

      1. Jeff Branch says:

        I get mostly bad photos from my iPhone 4s. I keep the flash turned off (too harsh) and I think that leads to the shutter being open longer resulting in blurred images. Any tips? I just downloaded that app, so I hope it helps. I was suprised you get such good results with an iPhone. If you prefer, my email is jeffobranch (at) hotmail (dot) com.

      2. purelojik says:

        the 4s actually has a great camera, the regular built in camera app over exposes a lot of shots where you want to focus. what i do with camera + is i’ll get the angle right how i like it then tap the area to focus. then you’ll see a little PLUS sign around the area you selected, hit that and the cursor splits into two components, where the focus should be and something called exposure.

        move the focus to where you ‘d want it to be, then move the exposure around and watch the picture adjust, move it to a lighter area to darken the picture and a darrk area to lighten the picture.

        once you get it how you like it hit the shutter button or volume button to capture. i turn camera + image stabilizer on always, it’ll make some noises and click when the image is most still. its quite good.

        then i hit edit and usually just go for the AUTO function to make the levels normal, or sometimes i like to use Darken, especially if the picture is bright.

        for the depth of field blurring you can use either Depth of Field and it’ll blur a slight vingnette with the focus being in the center area. so if you intend to use this filter, just plan ahead to have the most interesting thing in the center beforehand.

        also another is the Miniaturize filter which is kinda like a tilt and shift. basically its the same as depth of field but instead of a small circle in the center its the whole 1/3 of the middle of the picture ,horizontially, thats preserved and the rest blurred. another thing to note that i’ve observed with this one is that it also brightens the picture up at full strength (you can edit how much of the effect you want- i use this to stack some filters to bring out certain light and dark areas that ssomehow get lost) so remmeber that if you want to use that filter plan ahead to make the picture sssslightly darker than you’d think.

        i think thats the basics. the improvements of camera + are amazing, i’ve been using it since my last phone which was the 4s and most of the older build pics, excluding the ones from 2010 were using that and got great results. Good Luck Jeff!! let me know how it goes

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