Second Coat & Headstock Finish

Went in with small amounts of oil, maybe a drop or two at a time and some 400 grit paper and made a messy slurry and kept on working it into the wood. I’m not going for pore filling but it gives a super smooth surface and a nice sheen. I’ll go in with 600 grit tomorrow.

I took my tiny detail sander and sanded the headstock face, back, top and sides. I left the hips because I’ll be rasping tomorrow. My hand was cramping from the manual sanding of the body but the results are worth it. That detail sander is a godsend. With some finesse you can do a lot with it, including shaping.

So I figured what the hell, I’m not gonna touch these areas again, might as well start the finishing process too. With oils it’s a rolling process. You can sand and shape while doing it and apply oil and it’s back to a where it was before. It’s why it’s an easy finish to apply but a tough one to master.

Check these out.










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  1. Fabiano says:

    Beatiful pictures. The work is progressing fast!

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