Final Coat on Body

Three coats like the test piece. One huge soak coat; basically just drown it in oil. Constantly brush it on all the places that drink it up. Let that sit for a few days. I left it for three days didn’t wipe off too much

Two- use 400 grit and drop after drop, work it into the wood. Leave for about an hour and the wipe off across grain.

Three- wait two days or so then do the same with 600 grit. Then while oil starts getting tacky, use 0000 synthetic steel wool in circular motion to work everything off the surface into the pores, the surface will shine and the pores will shimmer. Leave it be and let dry for a few days.

Next update we’ll wax with trewax. My friend Joe Moes made some killer acrylic templates for my next shape. He works over at The engravers gallery in oceanside

The design is similar to this but with wider horns. I’m gonna make some thicker and thinner templates using this as a master. Thanks bud!

The last two pictures are the third step described








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