Off to Joel at Grant Guitars

Everything’s pretty much done and now it’s off to Joel Grant of Grant Guitars in fountain valley for the final fretwork and setup. The man does excellent work and I’ve been taking my instruments to him for the past 10+ (holy crap) years. First when I was in 8th grade!

I’ve decided on final pickup specifications as well. The neck humbucker will be the SH-2n Jazz Neck Model from Seymour Duncan. And the Bridge will be the SH-14b Custom 5. Originally I was entertaining the distortion model or ceramic custom, but after putting my ear to the body and hearing the tones of this guitar, I realized something with a backed off midrange would balance this guitar well. The whole tone woods debate is controversial but while I believe that any guitar can sound good with the right pickup, it takes an accurate match between woods and pickups to create that ‘perfect’ sound and feel.

This guitar has a stupidly thick walnut top which by itself has a very bright and fast midrange. I use the word fast because it’s just the sound I hear first over the others, but it isn’t loud per se. This guitar also uses sapele which is, to my ears, a bit brighter than normal mahogany. It’s got very nice and balanced lows, nothing boomy but overall this guitar has an accentuated midrange. The tone charts on Seymour Duncan’s page have been accurate so far so having a pickup with a lower midrange than usual should make this guitar sing. I’m very excited to hear this one. High res pics and video to follow once I receive the guitar from Joel.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. handguitar says:

    Wow, you did a really nice job. I’ve enjoyed following your progress on your blog. Looking forward to the final pictures!

    1. purelojik says:

      thanks for the kind words!!! ive been lurking around your blog! its awesome!!

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