Another Lesson on Being Patient…

I learned that a coping saw works well for cutting a scarf, but maintain the same pace throughout… Don’t rush when you are this close to finishing the cut.i actually used a flat rasp to remove stock then cleaned it up with my smoothing plane. I glued this shortly afterwards.

Cleaning up the Scarf

I’ll need to do the same procedure with the other neck, then I’ll take them both to the shop to route the truss rod channel and rough cut the neck profile on the bandsaw. So far it’s looking good.

The Way I Scarf

I’ve received a few questions regarding the way I started doing scarf joints. I adapted my method from watching other builders like Dylan from daemoness and Aaron from blackwater guitars. Basically you rough shape your head piece as a block and glue it on without marching the angle. I did this because when I used…

Sleepless Nights Lead to Neck Building

Couldn’t sleep so I made a shooting board and went to town on some head scarf pieces. Once they were trimmed using Anthony Murkar’s plane, I glued it to the rosewood neck. I used to cut the scarf on the small piece as well but I realized this method would eliminate the possibility of the…

Roasted Maple + Tru- oil

I think I’ve found a match here. Teak oil darkened the roasted maple top to the point where the figure was barely noticeable. Tru oil darkens a bit but makes the golden highlights pop!

Roasted Maple Carve Finished

Check this out. Used the microplane to hog the wood then the medium and extra fine Iwasaki rasps to fine tune the contour. Lastly I used the black and decker mouse detail sander using 80 grit. Took only seconds to get it smooth.

Iwasaki Carving Rasps

A luthier talk forum member, Knarbens, made a beautiful seven string guitar a few weeks ago. In his build story he used Iwasaki rasps with amazing results. Up until now the only real rasps I’ve used have been the long bastard and cabinet rasps which are pretty crude. I switched to microplane which I swear…

Rounding and Truing

Had a scare today. I fed my roasted maple guitar into the router table at too acute of an angle and the top horn just burst. After looking at the damage I just sawed off as little as possible to rebuild the horn. It’s smaller but still looks great! Better yet I now have two…

Final carve of the Burl Body

This looks nice. My technique after contouring the top is to take the dremel tool and sand away around the border to create a dip/lip. Then you sand to blend the difference. I use a black and decker mouse sander for that. Literally go to town on it until I like the way it looks….

Carving the Burl Body pt. 2

Started this today after gluing up the walnut flat top body. I’m gonna sandwich a piece of poplar as a contrasting piece in between the walnut and sapele. I still need to joint the body so I figured I’d just glue the poplar to the body and then joint it together. This time I’ll try…