Carving Lines & Prepping the Roasted Maple Build

So I took some time and roughed in the areas to carve on the burl maple. Then I turned my attention to the body blank for the roasted maple syrup build. This guitar is gonna look regal. It’s going to have a nice dark Indian rosewood fretboard on a tiger rosewood neck.

My goal, as much as it kills me, is to sell that guitar and possibly this burl maple one to replenish my funds for more builds.

Gonna join the top tomorrow sometime and then it’s off to get everything band sawed. I also need to bandsaw some templates for this build as well. After all that I’ll just hollow out some areas for weight relief. Usually I get lucky and find a nice lightweight piece but this figure I couldn’t ignore. I’ll forstner out some holes and hopefully route the controls cavity and wire paths while I’m at it.





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