Carving the Horn

So I finally started carving the burl maple top. I’ve been so enamored by the roasted maple I’ve neglected this build.

The walnut top is also joined so now it’s time to take all these glue ups to a giant drum sander and make them flat and nice. After that it’s off to the workshop where the templates will be made.

There’s also some pics of the maple top with and without mineral spirits, it’s holographic.











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  1. Leo says:

    Hey, I was just wondering where you get your wood. It’s outstanding. I’m always looking for billets. Really enjoy seeing the progression and comparing it to my methods. This is good stuff to see. Leo in Oregon

    1. purelojik says:

      I used to buy my wood online from but then shipping was a hassle. i’d pay 34 bucks for a sapele body blank and the more for shipping. One of my friends here showed me a local lumber yard called Austin Hardwoods in Santa Ana, they have pretty awesome stock. You gotta sift through a lotta stuff in order to find good wood to work with but for the past few builds this is what i’ve been doing. luckily my models are a tad smaller than conventional strats and gibsons, this allows me to use consumer lumber billets. They’ll cut them to dimension for me and i’ll glue them up at home. The walnut topped guitar that i carved was SUPER cheap. In retrospect i shoudl have bought the entire board and kept it but i was in a rush. I say check out local areas and see if they know any places with exotic stock as well. Oregon Wild Woods is great for tops and stuff, i havent ordered any body blanks but some of my guitars are in the gallery under Alex Myla. Hope this helps!

      EDIT: the roasted maple top was from a forum member on Luthier Talk, his name is Evolved Insanity, hes in canada so make sure you buy a few cause shipping is expensive, but he has good items


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