Ready for Cutting and Routing

After my haircut I managed to make it to Reta’s Cabinets owned by Rudy Reta. Super nice guy who’s been helping me shave hours off my sanding time with the huge sanding machine you see in the picture. The two giant rolls sand from 80 to 120 so the final product is pretty awesome looking.

Got two packages in the mail today, my order of three packs of Jescar Frets, which are pre bent to 10′ and pre cut. I also received my package from LMII, which is a pre slotted dark Indian rosewood fretboard x2 and a freaking giant radius sanding block. The boards are pretty thick as well, there’s a picture comparing the Indian rosewood ones to the pau ferro board going onto the burl maple build. The sanding block’s got 16′ on one side and my usual 20′ on another. Just waiting on two more truss rods and a 16′ brass insert for my fret press caul.

So I’ve got all I need right now for the R. maple and walnut flat tops. Tomorrow I’ll go to the workshop and work on the bandsaw and route some templates.











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