Carving the Burl Body pt. 2

Started this today after gluing up the walnut flat top body. I’m gonna sandwich a piece of poplar as a contrasting piece in between the walnut and sapele. I still need to joint the body so I figured I’d just glue the poplar to the body and then joint it together. This time I’ll try not to forget to route the wire channels like I did with the roasted maple one. To save time I literally stacked both halves on top of eachother and separated the halves with wax paper. I’ll check it tomorrow and see how it turned out.
I’d like to thin out the poplar top till it’s about 0.125 in thick. The idea is when I do the sweep contour it’ll be a nice unique accent to the darker halves.

Carving the maple top took some time because I was constantly distracted with the reboot of the cosmos show now featuring Neil Degrasse Tyson. He’s just perfect for the part and Sagan would be proud. I’ll attack this thing again tomorrow. I’d originally routed a binding channel but had the idea to just use that ledge as a depth stop to tell me where to stop carving. It’ll also assure a uniform lip on the large bottom. The way I like to carve this is with the most distinctive carve at the waist on both sides then have it taper off a it goes around the bottom. It takes some time but after the most recent build I think it’s worth it.











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  1. The forms you create when carving look amazing!

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