Iwasaki Carving Rasps

A luthier talk forum member, Knarbens, made a beautiful seven string guitar a few weeks ago. In his build story he used Iwasaki rasps with amazing results. Up until now the only real rasps I’ve used have been the long bastard and cabinet rasps which are pretty crude. I switched to microplane which I swear by. I can now add these Iwasaki rasps to my list of must haves. The cut is aggressive even with the medium file but it’s very very smooth. Doesn’t take off as much as the microplanes but the upside is a great amount of dynamic control when carving. Like the microplanes, you have to let the tool do the work. Any amount of force beyond what’s necessary to move the rasp will result in a gouge. Not a big deal but still a pain. I started carving the sweeping bevel armrest for the flat top roasted maple. It’s going well!






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