Blunting an Edge with a Bevel

Early on Joel had told me about the heel area being a little sharp. At first I didn’t think it’d be a problem but after playing the guitar for a bit I think he was right. There is a sharp corner which is on the neck heel right before it becomes the large horn.

It basically impales your thumb and needed to be fixed.

Originally I thought of sanding it but then I got out my chisels and my diamond sharpening card. I sharpened the chisels and in a few short and deliberate shavings, blunted the corner. I then applied two coats of teak oil and will wait the weekend for it to dry. The beautiful thing about oil finished is that they are easy to repair; I just am finally understanding how easy it all really is. Tomorrow night I’ll add a coat of paste wax to restore luster to that area. Afterwards it’s all done!






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