Burl Maple Neck Radiused & Oiled

Figured since this was the last of the pre-radiused stock old just get it over with. The LMII large sanding block works perfectly with the stew mac fret press caul insert. For some reason I had a problem with the 8 in sanding block matching up with the same caul but this works perfectly. I sanded up to 400 and stopped because I liked what I saw. I rubbed with 000 and 0000 synthetic steel wool and applied odie’s oil. Typically is just use Danish oil but I decided since I bought this to try out I might as well use it. It’s got a whole lot of marketing hoopla on it and claims to be food safe and amazing.

It does make the wood look great as all oils do. I’m a fan of the honey like consistency and the smell. I did some tests comparing it to true oil and while it’ll never build a film, it is quite a nice basic finish. I saw some luthier who claimed it could replace tru oil and then after i tried it I became even more skeptical.

I’m trying to find information about its contents because I suspect that it contains wax which is fine but I’d really just like to know how they maintain the honey consistency. Anyways this turned out well. All I need to do now is to drill the peg holes and the threaded inserts, then trim the headstock and fret it. Then it’s all done!











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