Blunting an Edge with a Bevel

Early on Joel had told me about the heel area being a little sharp. At first I didn’t think it’d be a problem but after playing the guitar for a bit I think he was right. There is a sharp corner which is on the neck heel right before it becomes the large horn. It…

Burl Maple’s Hardware

So I’m using brushed steel string saver saddles with the black baseplate from Hipshot to compliment the raw nickel/black bolt aesthetics of the dimarzio pickups for this build. I think this is gonna look killer when finished. Thoughts?

Chewbacca Lives! HD Pics & Video!

This guitar feels, looks and sounds amazing. I’m really proud of myself today. More pics and vids to come! MAKE SURE YOU HIT 1080p for HD Quality audio and picture. The intro is the raw guitar sound, double tracked.      

Dominions Arrive

Just got my order from The Axe Palace. Nick suggested I try these instead of the Titans id ordered before. I ordered black bobbins with gold pole pieces to fit the look of the wood and the unplated bridge with black saddles. I think it’ll look great together.

Truss Rod Routed + Burl Veneer head plate

Went to downtown artist space again and Burris helped me make a template to route the truss rod channel of the burl maple neck. I got to use the new carbide bit made specifically for hot rod truss rods. Burris was amazingly helpful and made an acrylic template to serve as a guide for the…