Drilling holes with the Dremel Drill Press Stand

I love this little tool. I can use it on my desk and it’ll do a pretty fantastic job with carbide bits.

Mounted the tuners to see the string path and marked the area for the bridge. I drilled the holes 90% of the way with the smallest drill bit for the dremel and then used the same sized bit from my hand drill set to complete the hole. I then used a 5/16 bit for the ferrules in the back. They came out fine just two holes are slightly closer to each other.

I finalized the shape of the roasted maple heel as well. I opted for a radiused look to fit the curves and contours of the body since my normal asymmetrical fretboard end just didn’t flow well visually to me. This works better in my opinion. I also used a 3/4 forstner to countersink the volume pot. My goal is to make sure Joel doesn’t have to do too much extra work that I can do myself.

I also designed and ordered a new humbucker template because my original design wasn’t tight enough. I also designed a new wider cavity route template along with cover. These were done through polulu. These will be done on 9.5 clear acrylic with center lines laser etched in so I can actually see what I’m doing. They are super speedy and they are the company that makes the metal logo inlay I designed. The template will be here next week and that’s when the fun begins. Once the routes are routed and wire paths are drilled then we finish sand everything, shape the neck, and them start applying the finish!












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