I’ve got New Wood!!!

Thank you Jon Clark! He’s got an amazing selection of unique woods and his packing of materials is amazing. Super nice guy as well. Message evolved_insanity on the luthiertalk forums for more info!

We have here:
Three Super Curly Roasted Maple necks

Figured imbuya flat top
Figured makore flat top
Massive horse chestnut carved top
Big leaf quilted maple carved top

I think if I cut it right these roasted maple neck blanks might yield two six string necks each. I’m super happy right now.










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  1. Badpuns says:

    You should try making a through-neck with some of these neck blanks, if they are long enough. Even if you don’t, these are some dang nice guitars. I’m thinking of building one and you have inspired me to go with an oil/wax finish like on your walnut guitar. Coincidentally, I may just have some walnut available from a friend to use on it…

    1. purelojik says:

      Thanks dude! im glad i could inspire in any way. I love bolt ons, eventurally i’ll add a set neck to the lineup but i need a proper shop to do a neck through, storage and transportation is an issure for me if its all one piece. im also scare of messing up and having to start everything over.

      using machine screws and threaded inserts is the key for a great bolt on neck. even if the pocket isnt super tight it’ll make up for it in spades. thanks for commenting!

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