Finishing Continues

I’m trying a more deliberate approach this time with tru oil. Instead of going for a glossy top (which would look spectacular on the roasted maple). I wanted a bit more subdued, hand rubbed look, but with a glass smooth feeling. So I’ve sanded with oil up to 600 grit so far. I use enough oil and sand until I can’t hear the “scratch” sound of the sandpaper. My arm hurts but it’s worth it. I then let the oil set a bit until it’s super tacky. Then I wet a rag with mineral spirits which thins the sticky top and wipe most of it off. The end result is pretty much what I’m after. I’ll put on one more glaze coat tomorrow and then let it dry for a few days while I finish carving the necks.

For these two builds I also cracked open a new bottle of oil which is amazing. The oil is fresh and sets up very fast. It is chalky to sand the next day which is great. I use bloxygen to keep the top from skinning.

So far things are looking good. I’ll knock the sides down with steel wool tomorrow to match the backs. It’s gonna be hard to part with these two.








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