First Series of Glaze Coats

I’ve been knocking down each coat with 000 synthetic wool. Typically I’d use 0000 regular steel wool but that just leaves a horrid mess of things. I keep a can of compressed air nearby which makes life easier.

I wanted to try a new mix ratio for tru oil in the preval disposable spray . I used one part mineral spirits and two parts tru oil. This actually was the best combo. I first used my keurig to make some hot water which I made warm and put the spray bottle in it to avoid the spatter chunks and condensation.
This worked very well but I was a bit over zealous while spraying. I might need to add a touch more oil to prevent dripping. Since I saw drips I’d just wipe down with a cloth and wait and do it again.

The roasted maple has one coat on all sides and left to dry overnight since the coat is thicker and needs a longer time to dry. The burl maple Top required some serious elbow grease. Once the top was dulled I use the same mix solution from the preval spray, and simply wiped it on. Since it was a thinner mixture it went on smooth and there were no streaks or wipe marks. I left that to dry and set up for neck carving. That I’ll do tomorrow unless I get lazy again.

















2 Comments Add yours

  1. RDS Guitars says:

    Beautiful work! I too have been using 0000 steel wool and man does it ever make a mess. I’ll have to try the 000. Thanks!

    1. purelojik says:

      thanks dude! yea the 000 synthetic really does a good job. the 0000 is way too fine. They should have labelled it with 5 0’s instean of 4

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