Roger’s Quilted Maple Semi-Hollowbody

This build is for my friend Roger . He contacted me a while ago and since then we’ve been throwing around ideas for a build. Right now we’ve settled on specs and while I wrap up the two in progress builds i figured I’d start some ground work for his. Name: EXIA Body: Black Limba…

Moar Wood!

Got these in from FV fine woods in Canada. The thin quilt top will be glued to the walnut top I have laying around. That will be the top I dye for Roger Pottanat’s semi hollow build. I’ll announce details for that later. This burl top is just spectacular in person.

Quilted Maple Dye test part 1

Need to buy the peacock blue color but this will do to get my technique down. It’s a fade from ebony to navy to indigo. I really like how it’s coming along.

I’ve got New Wood!!!

Thank you Jon Clark! He’s got an amazing selection of unique woods and his packing of materials is amazing. Super nice guy as well. Message evolved_insanity on the luthiertalk forums for more info! We have here: Three Super Curly Roasted Maple necks Figured imbuya flat top Figured makore flat top Massive horse chestnut carved top…

Acrylic Templates

Designed them on eMachineShop and then had them laser cut by Pololu. These are very nice and pretty accurate. I’ll have to sand the corners for the dimarzio covered humbucker because the corner radius is a bit ridiculous, but it works perfectly with all other humbuckers.

Drilling holes with the Dremel Drill Press Stand

I love this little tool. I can use it on my desk and it’ll do a pretty fantastic job with carbide bits. Mounted the tuners to see the string path and marked the area for the bridge. I drilled the holes 90% of the way with the smallest drill bit for the dremel and then…