Ganesh Rao’s Burl Maple Baritone

This is going to be a really fun build alongside Roger’s semi hollow. I’m fortunate to have the chance to work with Ganesh on his build which will be a drop tuned beast of a guitar. Our goal is to make an instrument which can handle the extreme low tunings that Ganesh employs in his compositions (google empyrean and Eden 2.0 by TesseracT, to see some of his work). This will be a 30 in scale true baritone tuned standard G dropped F.

Ganesh is here in LA working on a project which is quite amazing, I’ll provide links to that in the next post. Over lunch we discussed specs and wood combinations. Afterwards I let him take his pick of the new tops I’ve just received. The hardest part was choosing between the burl maple which has an incredible radiating burst pattern and the black mottled makore which just has an insane shimmering figure. In the end the burl won out because of its uniqueness.












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  1. Kali says:

    Amazing work ..

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