Sanded to 100 Grit & Burl top Glued

Ganesh Rao’s top is glued! It looks awesome and will make a fantastic guitar.

Man sanding back this body wasn’t easy, that finish was way thicker than I wanted. Now that it’s sanded back entirely I can see how it really should look. I applied some mineral spirits after I sanded to 100 grit and I knew I did the right thing. I’m gonna sand 120, 150, 180(if I have it still) then 220 and stop. Then gonna apply some Danish oil and wax.

For this guitars neck I’ve been using Odie’s oil. It smells amazing and is marketed to be this crazy non toxic, food safe finish. Thing is no one knows what’s inside and for a small bottle like this, it’s quite expensive; but I’m a sucker for good packaging so I bought it anyways. So far so good. I’ve done some tests before and it gets the sheen I enjoy without the build of tru oil. Honestly I might venture to give this a shot on the roasted maple body. In fact I think that’s exactly what I’ll do.







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