Bodies joined and sanded

So I guess I’m building three guitars this round. The third is using the korina body and the figured imbuya top.

I got a nice slab of walnut for Rogers build which I’m going to begin hollowing tonight. I’m also going to be cutting the scarf joints of the necks as well. The headstock pieces will be a combo of bubinga and walnut with a cap from the tops of the guitars. If I have time I’ll cut the tops out with my coping saw as well.

For roger’ sand the imbuyas build I’ll be using ivoroid binding which should be fun. I’ve also received a bunch of pre bent pre radiused fretwire from Jescar. All that awaits is for a scale length to be decided upon for Ganesh’s build and then his will be started as well. While that is decided I’m going to be making and shaping the bodies.














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  1. I like the headstock logo piece and how it is a complete one piece that fits into the slot made. Do you stamp them yourself or get them done somewhere else?

    1. purelojik says:

      thanks buddy!

      i designed them on emachineshop, which is a free CAD program. Then i send the design over to the guys at Pololu and they laser cut it out of stainless steel for me. I also started sending them all my templates to be made from acrylic. makes things a lot easier and doesnt cost all that much.

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