Back to the Burl Neck

For some reason or another I just can’t get my act together and finish this. I just decided to go for it. I’m trying a pointed volute suggested by Joel and I think after I clean it up it’s going to look nice and sharp.

My Finishing Tips and Tricks using Odie’s Oil & Wax Products

I love a good oil finish and have used many different brands over the past few years. Each product has their own use and application and has pro’s and cons. Im writing this on Odies Oil and Wax. The application process of this oil is very easy and great results can be obtained with very…

Imbuya Body Done on to Roger’s!

Ok that’s two down for now until neck building time. This imbuya one is looking spectacular. It’s an exciting one. Now for Roger’s build. First ill route out the cavities once the control cavity master template arrives. Then I’ll use that to hollow the rest out as well. Then I’ll have to carefully align the…

Lots of Progress

Haven’t updated in a while but there’s a lot of progress made. The wordpress app updates itself automatically and I must say that the recent updates are disappointing. Too many app crashes that really frustrate the hell outta me. Anyways…… On to the good stuff. Ganesh’s guitar body has been contoured and awaits neck building…

Roasted Maple Lives!!!

Gonna touch up some areas on the neck profile but other than that this thing is pretty sweet! Joel gave me some great pointers and some advice for the next builds going forward. Thanks Joel!