Dye Tests & Neck Scarfs for All

I started doing dye tests for Roger’s build. It’s turning out alright but I’ll need to really dial it in. I’ve also cut the neck blanks for all the builds. I’m awaiting a new headpiece scarf I designed. It’ll allow me to basically have the entire headpiece finished before I glue. I’ve also made a template for the metal inlay and a template for the truss rod cover and opening.

I’m also going to build a small planing jig for my router. I’m sick of hand planing small pieces. Once I make a better baseplate I’ll make a big one.

Shouldn’t be too long for Ganesh’s and the imbuya builds since they don’t require any lacquer or poly. The imbuya will need binding on the neck and headstock as will Roger’s. It’s gonna be a good week next week.












3 Comments Add yours

  1. Badpuns says:

    What type of dye are you using? It looks great!

    1. purelojik says:

      its a dye i got called Lockwood’s dyes. they were at a local hardware store so i bought a bunch.

  2. Lionel says:

    Oil and wax finish on stain water base is posible ?

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