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  1. Great work, I really love the carved top. I’m a big fan of single cuts. As I was admiring the photos I realized you have two pickups and a single knob, no switch! What’s going on with the wiring?

    1. purelojik says:

      Hey there. It’s a push I’ll which chooses between the two pickups. I later went back in to add a switch cause the guy who unsold it to requested it. I liked the minimal layout but not everyone else does lol

      1. My inner designer likes the clean minimal look. My inner consumer wants options. It’s hard to balance the two.

        You’re inspiring the idea of two knobs a master volume and a blend.

      2. I feel like I couldn’t get by without a volume. Though, in reality I play with the volume all the way 99% of the time.

  2. purelojik says:

    I love the blend knob. Cause you can soften the bridge a tad without losing treble by blending the neck into it. Then split both and you’ve got a tele sound if you split the outer coils

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