Odie’s oil on Imbuya and Limba

The more I use this product , the more I love it. It builds very well and much faster than any other oil besides tru oil which darkens the wood too much.

The key is to take your time and to sand only when the oil is completely dry. You’ll know because it becomes chalky white. I’ve included more of these pictures to show.

Also when using the synthetic wool, occasionally squeeze out the oil wax slurry and slather the end grain with it. You’ll see it fill the pores with one application and vigorous scrubbing.

I apply the wood butter with my fingers and rub till I feel the warmth under my fingers and the solid wax particles are dissolved into the wood. The wood butter will form a layer on top of the dried oil and the wax will form on top of that. They all seem to coalesce into one thick layer.

Right now the top is sanded to 600. I sand dry with small pieces of paper wrapped around a small eraser. Once the paper begins to load I’ll rub it on a sandpaper eraser to get some more uses but I only get two good ones really. I do that until the surface is dull and powdery and wipe down with an old shirt. That’s how each coat should be sanded.

So far I’ve done about 4 coats of oil ( I use the oil sparingly and reapply using the residual oil left in the synthetic wool. The actual amount applied is very little but depending on the wood and how thirsty it is, you might use more. Now I’ve done the first coat of wood butter to the top and tomorrow I’ll wipe clean and apply some to the back which has been sanded to 320 only. I’ll take it up to 400 after wood butter.

It’s looking good






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  1. James says:

    Trying Odies for the first time on a walnut guitar top. I’ve used tru oil in the past with great results..so you are sanding back the Oil between the first few coats after using a slurry is Odies to grain fill?

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