Fanned Fret 6 Prototype

I’ve wanted to make a good fanned fret guitar since my first one attempted almost three years ago. Man has time flew. Anyways with more experience under my belt and some guidance from some of the great  friends and builders I’ve met online, I’ve decided to give this another try. 

Aaron Brown from Blackwater guitars has blind slotted two boards for me which are made out of some roasted maple and Sabah ebony I’ve sent him. 

This will also be the first time I attemp an inlay. I’m doing a tribute to one of my favorite games growing up FF7 and will be inlaying Cloud Strife’s iconic Buster Sword.


Body: Clear alder

Neck: Pucte/Bulletwood

Fretboard: Sabah ebony 25-26 in Fan

Pickups: BlackWater Prototype A8

Hipshot hardware

Daddario strings

Jescar fretwire

Finished with Odies oil and Wax

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric Larson says:

    Please keep updating this one!
    FF IIV is debatably the second (best) best in the iconic line.

    1. purelojik says:

      Thanks Eric!! YES i agree too! I built the mulitscale without the buster sword and will be saving the sword inlay for another build which will be dedicated to FF7 (probably a 7 string haha)

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