Buster Sword FF Carved

Adler is a joy to work with. My microplane rasps cut through it like butter. Now that all bodies for all guitars – somehow I’ve started 5…- are carved, I can begin making all the necks. Roger’s neck is the furthest along and the others will match pace soon enough. 

I also began the buster sword inlay out of mokume gane. My plan is to make the entire sword first then carve out a route for it in the fretboard. I’ll place the whole thing down and glue with epoxy and wood dust to fill the gaps. My goal is to be as precise as possible and to minimize the amount of filler. 

Roger’s body is finished for now. I’ll be finishing his neck up soon and will route everything soon afterwards once the neck pocket is complete. It’s getting that maple pickup set from Blackwater Guitars, hand wound by Aaron Brown. It’s a p90 alnico V neck and a Neo Modern bridge. I’ve tried them in two very different guitars and they are a spectacular set of pickups. 



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