Angled Scarf Joint Complete

This was a really interesting scarf joint to cut. Typically when I cut a scarf joint my blade wanders a bit and its to be expected. This time im deliberately trying to make my blade wander. It turned out quite well and after cutting off some scrap Shedua I had lying around, I had a headpiece. I glued it using only four clamps this time. Two giant squeeze triggle camps and two C clamps. After curing, I took my microplane hacksaw attachment and shaved off the majority of the headpiece that was above the plane of the neck wood. Then when there was only a few mm left, I used both my block plane and Murkars high angle smoother to level the entire thing out. Its really quite a zen feeling when the blades are sharpened and you go to town on some highly figured woods.



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  1. gblogswild says:

    Next time you have to do that, try a donkey’s ear. It’s an angled shooting board that allows you to plane a miter in two planes at once – i.e., your angled scarf in a nutshell.

    1. purelojik says:

      Thanks for the tip! i just looked it up and it looks super useful. I might have to either make or find one and also make one to use with my router. I feel like that would cut the time spent by a ton. I just wanted any excuse to use my planes

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